Have you ever dreamt of flying?

Have you ever dreamt of flying?

If you want to make it real, come to our Retreet!


During this disconnection-weekend in the nature of Catalunya, we will learn how to fly, how to expand our vital energy and how to open to trust.
Acroyoga is a discipline that combines the awareness of the Yoga, the balance and the strenght of the Acrobatic and a full of kindeness touch of the Thai Massage.
Thought the practice of Kundalini we will connect deeply with our essence and we will learn how to wake it up and make it flow to expand the consciousness of the body, mind and emotions.
There will be live mantra music by Shunya Sangeet will accompany sessions and an Eco-vegetarian diet of proximity will be provided.

No previous experience is required. You don’t need to come with a partner but if you want to it’s going to be a transformation week end for both!

Taught by:
Sonia Lindia, Yoga teacher and AcroYoga, Mantra singer | Daniel Gomis, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Where: rural Hostel Cabanya Boscana (Borredà, Berguedà)
Limited number of participants due to the specific guidence the activities require.

More info and reservations: brizzina88@gmail.com | 693 031 507 T.

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