Explore Sarrià Quarter

If you want to explore a popular and non-turistic neighbourhood of Barcelona, would be a good idea for you to go to Sarrià Quarter, the last village that annexed to Barcelona city in 1898, and it still preserves its characteristics.

To get there, you have to take the FGC undergroud with stop in “Sarrià” (actually, all FGC lines have a stop in Sarrià besides L7 -brown line- that takes you to Tibidabo Avenue).
Besides walking around the main street named Carrer Major de Sarrià, you should walk around the tiny streets crossing it. If you feel like taking a short walk, you could also go visit the Pedralbes Monastrey, one of the few medieval spots that still remain in Barcelona (map)

If you want to have a snack, we recommend you a few places were we usually go and believe you’ll like:

Gouthier: located on Plaça Sant Vicenç de Sarrià, where you’ll get great oysters (the owner imports oysters and gets the greatest quality) and portions of other foods that will not leave you indifferent. The Champagne they have there is also a good choise to go with the oysters!

Bar Tomás: located on Carrer Major de Sarrià, if you like garlic and spicy sause, please order some Patatas Bravas! The greatest ones you’ll get to taste in Barcelona.

Vivanda: This is a more expensive choise but definetly worth it, and keep in mind that you can ask half of a portion! The garden tables are wonderful to sit on.

Canalla and Santana: both restaurants are next to Sarrià Square, where the church is located. Good cook and tastefull “tapas” in front of the light up church in the evening is a delight.

As a last option, Tram-Tram is a great restaurant, even if it is more expensive than the rest I recommended in this post.

Behind the Sarrià Market, which was constructed with a modernist style, you can find the remote and hidden small Square named Sant Gaietà, of which we post a couple pictures.

To taste the typical catalan sweets and cakes, there’s no bakery better than La Pastisseria Foix de Sarrià, you’ll see all kinds of cakes made always with natural fruits and condiments, they are considered one of the best bakeries in town. There are two stores, one on Major de Sarrià 57, and the other one on Plaça de Sarrià 12-13.