Discover Montjuïc in one day

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If a roman citizen from 2000 years ago would drop by Barcelona, he would only recognize the city by the mountain of Montjuïc, which is the only single place that has remain untouchable for the last two millenniums.

We took the time to plan out a perfect day in Montjuïc, listing down several great things to see, each one very close to the others, that could come out to be a perfect investment for a tour day in Barcelona! Let’s see what you think about it!

What can we find there in Montjuïc? 

1) The Poble Espanyol, to what I dedicated the last article on this blog.

2) Funcació Joan Miró: Located on Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, 08038 Barcelona (+34 934 43 94 70). The Joan Miró Foundation opened to the public on 10 June 1975. It had its origins in Miró’s first large exhibition in Barcelona, in 1968, at the Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu. Several figures from the world of the arts saw the opportunity to have a space in Barcelona dedicated to the artist’s work. Well worth going.

3) Montjuïc Castle: by the end of its history, this castle kept shelter for the revolutionary represion’s victims and, after the Spanish Civil War was over, Franco victims, among whom was the Catalan Government’s President, Lluis Companys, who was incarcerate, tried in a super summary trial and and shoot on the 15th of October of 1940.

4) Equine center La Foixarda: phone number +34 934261066

5) The Mossèn Costa i Llobera Cactus Gardens: the most important ones in Europe: Created on 1970, to commemorate the poet from Mallorca, Miquel Costa i Llobera, author of the catalan poem “El Pi de Formentor”. Along with the gardens of Cinto Verdaguer Prist and Joan Maragall Gardens, is one of the three gardens located on Montjuïc’s mountain to commemorate the catalan poets.

6) Olympic stadium: It is named Olympic Stadium Lluis Companys in memorandum of the Catalan President killed during the dictatorship suffered during the first half of the 19 hundreds.
It was inaugurated on the 1929 for the Universal Exposition of Barcelona and restructured and inaugurated before the Olympic games on 1992.

7) Sant Jordi Palace: Constructed by Arata Izosaki and considered an icon of the international modern architecture, being part of the Olympic ring of Montjuïc. Activities such as sports, concerts and political parties events are held in it nowadays.

Where to eat once there?

If you want to eat in Montjuïc, you can eat at the same equine center La Foixarda, where there is a restaurant, serving local food in a very equine environment. The address of the restaurant is Avenida Montanyans, 1 08038 Barcelona.Also is a must to know the Restaurant called “Xalet el Montjuïc”, with amazing views over the entire Barcelona, from the very top of the mountain next to the Castle, serving great quality food in a perfect ambience.

If you want to eat in Poble Sec, the neighbourhood right at the bottom of the mountain, we strongly recommend you Quimet Quimet Restaurant  and Tickets Bar (for which you will have to book a table in advance for sure).  

How to get there? You must know that there is a cable railway taking you to the top of the mountain. You can take it on Paral·lel Avenue corner with Nou de la Rambla Street

We hope you enjoy the tour and, if there is anything you discover that we haven’t mentioned, don’t hesitate in letting us know!