Poble Espanyol: a dreamy village buried in Barcelona

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This unique village, located in Montjuïc, is the only place where you will be able to appreciate a typical “Pueblo Espanyol”, a place where each street represents a different spanish village, named all of them by the towns they symbolize, where you will find the most important monuments, squares and buildings of the country. It’s a perfect way to visit the entire country from north to south and east to west in just a glaze without even getting out of the Poble Espanyol!

El Poble Espanyol is also known for the activities held there, traditionally called “tallers”, as historical trades and professions. You will also find plenty of cosy restaurants serving local meals (http://www.poble-espanyol.com/en/gastronomy/restaurants-barcelona). It is good to know that Poble Espanyol is famous by it’s New Year’s Eve events and parties, well worth experiencing! You can take a look on http://www.poble-espanyol.com/en/night-activities-barcelona. It is a common scenario for concerts and shows which make it even more magic.

It was originally constructed by the catalan architect Puig i Cadafalch in 1929 for the international exposition that took place in Barcelona.

To get to get to Poble Espanyol, you can take either the Metro or the FGC and come off at the stop of “Espanya” or else you can also take the busses number 13, 55, 150 and Parc Montjuïc, stopping at “Poble Espanyol”.

To get tickets you can click on the following link: http://www.poble-espanyol.com/en/tickets-and-passes

We hope you enjoy the experience!