El Rec Comtal

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Travelers! Want to know something that has traditionally given high qualification to the historic Barcelona?

The Rec Comtal is an old canal that used to provide water to the city of Barcelona. It has its origin in a roman piping, even though it wasn’t until the XI or XII century when it was firstly documented, which is also when it was named as it is known nowadays. It was used to water fields, to run grinders and mills and it was also used to manufacture fabrics, leather and other materials of the old Barcelona.

It’s path can be followed through the names of the streets that recall the Rec Comtal. Recall directly mentioning its name or indirectly naming some related element such as “Carrer del Pont a Sant Andreu”, “Carrer de la Sèquia Comptal” in an area of Barcellona called Clot, “Carrer Rec Comptal”, “Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere”, among many others. Most of these streets are in a walking distance from most of our apartments.
I added a very simple map where you can follow it’s path throughout Barcelona’s Ciutadella and sorroundings (which now are also party of the city).

A part of this Water canal, responsible for any original industrial life and living, can be spotted in the 1714 Ruins in Mercat del Born. A great attribute of the roman cities is the one that was recently found under the “Market del Born”, perfectly conserved, in which can be seen, along with many other amazing things, a part of this Rec Comtal Canal in great shape.

Still, a part of this Canal is alive and provides water to several fields, just as it used to centuries ago, in the Vallbona Quarter. Even if Vallbona isn’t a very turistic place, the presence of the Rec Comtal well conserved and functioning is enough of a reason as to drop by and take a look at the authenticity it transmits.